My role model

Stephanie Gilmore is my role model-

Bio on Stephanie Gilmore-
Born:January 29 1988,Murwillumbah

Stephanie Gilmore is my role model even though she is a 6x world Champion.
Late last year I went to see a movie called Stephanie out of the water,now I play tennis,a team sport and an individual.
In the movie it talked about how she never gives up even if she is loosing a grand final that relates to me I see staph as my role model that I look up too.
When I’m playing tennis I think of what Steph was talking about,never giving up when and when you are loosing just keep on trying.
I guess that Steph is a 6x world champion in all her heats and grand finals,when she is loosing ,to become a 6x world champion she would obviously keep on trying to become a 6x world champion.



Day 1:

We were sitting in the train going into Melbourne,I was sitting in a four with Hannah,Grace and Abbey.

It was a fast trip there,we gave our luggage to a man who took it too our hotel,then we took a tram to the shrine of rememberence and we looked around at the shrine. After the Shrine we catched another tram to the Melbourne Zoo and we could explore around with our friends Grace and I walked to gether and later at night we went to Captain Melviles for dinner and I had a minute steak,later that evening we got to go to Ettihad Stadium for a night tour it was so cool we got to go in where all the coaches sit,we got to go see the conference room,we also got to go on the ground we also got to go in corporate box.

Day 2:

We woke up that morning and we were getting ready for a big day on our list was,Queen Victoria Market,MSAC,Captain Melvilles,Melbourne Star and Ice skating.

First was the queen Victoria market,it was so interesting looking at all the different cultures trying to sell their products.After the market we took a tram to Albert Park because that’s were MSAC is,I was so excited.When we hopped off the train I looked at MSAC and it so big I just couldn’t wait to get in there,there was a  Wave pool,water slide,a obstacle course.Later that evening we were all ready  pumped to go on the Melbourne star when we got in there it went so slow so I wasn’t going to get scared as we were getting higher you could see more and more of the view it was so cool.

After the Melbourne star we went Ice skating I was so bad at it the more and more I tried I just couldn’t get a grip on it!!!!!!!!!!

Day 3

It was our last day in the morning I was getting ready and paking all my stuff,this last day was to roam around Melbourne with your groups  all of us wanted to go to 711!! But first we went to a place called ACMI where there was an expedition after that we went to this Graffiti walkway and therewas so much graffiti but it was like art work. After that we walked to 711 and got ourselves treats then we walked to South bank to the food court and ate our lunch that we bought there then we got on the train and went home.

Reflection on Cybersaftey


Today I learnt about Cybersaftey,here are some main reasons  what I learnt today.

-If you are getting Cyberbullied or Bullied tell a trusted adult.

-On social Media make sure you have privacy on high.

-Always stay were your parent or Guardian can see you when you play on you device.

-Don’t post anything rude or hurtful to others.

-Always think before you post.

-Don’t be a bystander when it comes to Cyberbulling or Bulling.